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Below you find a list of frequently asked questions and the answers to them. If you have any other questions or need further information on anything, please feel free to contact us.

Q: What are your pay packages like?

A: Our Compensation packages are among the best in the industry and based on a myriad of factors to include how much we can bill, experience, location, housing costs, and length of assignment.

Q: Do you reimburse for CEU’s, Licensures, etc.?

A: Yes we reimburse for CEU’s up to $750.00 a year. We also reimburse you for any state licensure fees for any state licensure obtained for an assignment we place you on.

Q: Do you offer sign on bonuses and completion bonuses.

A: We do offer both sign on and completion bonuses depending on the client and location.

Q: Do you provide Insurance for your Travelers?

A: CountryWide offers paid medical insurance or reimbursement for our travelers. We believe that it helps to alleviate questions about our commitment to our Therapists.

Q: Will I have a Job after my 13 week contract is over?

A: CountryWide has extensive contract to work with so the probability is to have open and active lines of communication throughout the assignment to decide our next course of action, decide where you want to be, and exaust all options in that area.

Q: If something pops up during the course of or prior to the start of an assignment with you that would cause me to leave early or not start how will that effect my relationship with CountryWide?

A: At CountryWide we do not discount the human factor, sometimes life happens. Obviously we don’t encourage our Therapists to leave assignments. If it is a viable reason we will address it on a case by case basis. If it is simply the case of cold feet or a counter offer then we hope to help you through that by discussing your fears and concerns.